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Import from shapefiles

pcMapper Db lets you work with ESRI® shapefiles and dBase tables via an import/export (I/O) utility.

  • you must be able to mount the sdcard as a disk volume on a Windows PC, typically via a USB connection.
  • attribute table must contain at least 3 columns
  • the 1st attribute column must be a unique integer (primary key)
  • must have a defined projection (*.prj file)
    • coordinate system must be a projected Mercator
      (i.e., contain the text “Mercator” - example: "Transverse_Mercator")
    • units must be in meters

UTM is the preferred choice

  1. Connect your device to a PC and navigate to the pcMapper program folder on the sdcard
  2. Start the I/O utility - PcmSQLite.exe
  3. Select the Import tab
  4. Enter a name for the map to store the imported shapefiles
  5. Click the [..] button next to InFolder and navigate to the folder containing the shapefiles to import
    (all *.dbf files in the input folder will be selected)
  6. Click the [Start Import] button
    Warning any existing map with the same name will be overwritten!
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