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Defining map metadata

A map has a set of metadata tables (stored in a SQLite database along the map) that lets you define:
a) symbology
b) list fields and
c) validation rules.

The metadata is stored in the following tables:
  • pcm_table_metadata (data per individual shapefile/table)
  • pcm_field_metadata (data per individual column for each shapefile/table)

Figure: Metadata I/O utility

Please refer to “Metadata Tables” for more details.

a) Defining symbology fields

pcMapper comes with a predefined set of symbols, designed to stand out and display clearly on an image background. Symbols are defined per individual shapefile but can be changed for features individually when editing the map. Notice that the symbol set starts at zero, so the black dot point symbols has SymId = 0.

Figure: Symbols
  1. Connect your device to a PC and navigate to the pcMapper program folder on the sdcard
  2. Start the I/O utility - PcmSQLite.exe
  3. Select the Show tab
  4. Select the Map to change
  5. Expand the <Map>.db list and select the pcm_table_metadata item
  6. Identify the shapefile (_TabName)  to change
  7. Click the corresponding SymId cell, enter a symbol number (0-9) and click OK
Notice: changing SymId requires an update of the map. This is performed by syncing the metadata as described below.

b) Defining list and map fields

List fields lets you control which attribute values (columns) to display in the records screen. Map fields display at the bottom of the map screen when a feature is selected. Additionally, the MapField specifies a labeling field for polygons (set to blank if you don’t want any labels).

Figure: Records screen
  1. see steps 1-6 above
  2. Select the pcm_field_metadata item, identify the fields you want to use [_FieldIndex]
  3. Select the pcm_table_metadata item
  4. Click the corresponding ListRow1, ListRow2 or MapField cell, enter a field index number and click OK
Notice: changing MapField requires an update of the map. This is performed by syncing the metadata:
Tip: you can also view the contents of your shapefile attributes by selecting it in the tree list.
Syncing map with changes to metadata
  1. Select the Import tab
  2. Select the Map to sync
  3. Click the [..] button next to InFolder and navigate to the original shapefiles folder from where you performed the import (this is unchanged unless you re-started the I/O utility)
  4. Click the [Re-Import Map] button
Tip: you can avoid this step by choosing a Db template (existing map) when creating your map. Please refer to “Working with many maps sharing the same content”.