The Edit screen provides tools for creating and manipulating point, line and polygon features.
The cursor defines the location where you add or select features. Tap on the screen to move the cursor, drag to pan the map and pinch to zoom in or out.
Tap the Type/Symbol button to select a different point, line or polygon symbol.

1. Start Line: starts a new line* at the current cursor position
2. Snap to GPS: moves the cursor to your current GPS location
3. Select Line: selects the line feature closest to the current cursor position
4. Zoom + In: Zooms in on the map 2* (tap the button to return to normal zoom level)
5. Zoom Out: Zooms out of the map 2*
6. Google Maps: launches the Google Maps screen
7. Type Symbol: launches the Symbol screen for selecting the feature type and symbol*
8: More>: invokes additional tools as shown below

Notice: the upper toolbar changes to reflect the current edit operation as follows
Select mode:
1. Select Next Line: selects the next line* closest to the selected feature
2. Restore: returns to normal edit mode
3. Create Attribute: invokes a menu for entering a descriptive text attribute
4. Delete: deletes the feature selected
Add mode:
3. Undo: annuls the last point added
4. End: finishes the creation of the feature
Delete mode:
3. Undo deleted / Change: restores the feature deleted, and optionally replaces the symbol

1. GPS: shows the GPS signal strength (number of satellites). Long-press the button to enable/disable GPS.
2. Distance: measures a distance (meters) and bearing from the current cursor position
3. ReCenter Map: centers the map on the current cursor position
4. Find/DB/3D: invokes a list of attributed features to center the cursor on, or advanced functionality for database access and 3D modeling
5. More>: returns to the initial set of tools as shown above

The MENU key reveals:
1. Save: saves edits for the current map
2. Google Maps: toggles the background map on/off
3. GPS>: invokes menu:
a) GPS: toggles GPS on/off
b) Trace Position: enables tracing (draws a line following your movements)
4. Snap to Line: toggles snapping of line/polygon features on/off
5. Sketch Mode: toggles sketch mode on/off
6. Settings>: invokes menu:
a) Show Google Maps on Startup: toggles background map on/off
b) Compass: display Compass control
7. Exit Edit: returns to the Startup screen