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Table Editor

You edit feature attributes from the Table Editor (Db). You can access the table for any feature that you imported from a shapefile.

You invoke the editor by either:
a) Selecting a feature in the map
b) Opening the Table

Selecting a feature in the map

Touch the [Edit Attributes] button on the upper toolbar.

This opens the editor for the currently selected feature (record).
Touch the attribute field you want to edit and enter a value.

Press the [Back] key to return to the map screen.

Opening the Table

Touch the [Find / DB / 3D] button the lower toolbar. This opens the editor, listing all the records in the table.

Touch the record you want to edit and select the action you want to perform:

Change Map Connection: links the selected record to the currently selected feature in the map.
Goto Map: zooms to the selected record in the map.
Edit: opens the record for editing (press the [Back] key to return to the list).
Delete: deletes the selected record.

Tip: drag the records list upwards to scroll the list

press the [Menu] key to invoke the menu:

Add: adds a record to the table.
Change Table: lets you select a different attribute table of the map.
Measure with Camera: lets you measure height and distance.

press the [Back] key to return to the map